History of Toronto

The native language of Toronto is English. Most of the people in Toronto prefer to talk in English. Ontario is a very famous country and the capital of Ontario is Toronto. The population of Toronto city is highest as compared to the other cities of Canada. As we talk about the history of Toronto, the people of Toronto suffers a lot. Approximately near about 10 years, the local people of Toronto lived on the boundary of the city of Toronto.

The First European to discover the area was a Frenchman in the year 1615. However, Canada moved to Britain after the Seven Years’ War (1756–1763). The first Governor of Upper Canada established the New town in 1793. The Governor of Upper Canada named the new town that is York (in honor of Duke of York). He announced that York is the capital of Upper Canada.

In the 19th century, Americans attack Toronto and started the war. In this war, all the buildings in Toronto damaged and some buildings finished by the fire attack. After the war, Toronto recovered rapidly. The first university in Toronto was discovered in 1827. York City is renamed Toronto. Very few people know that the post office was opened in Toronto in the year 1833, it was the First Post office.

In the 20th century, Toronto also faces Fire attack but no one lost their life in this fire attack. After the war, Toronto again recovered rapidly. The first museum opened in Toronto is Ontario Museum in the year 1914. The Evening Star is renamed as the Toronto Star and The Art Museum is also opened in Toronto on the same day and same year i.e. Jan 24, 1900.

Nowadays, Toronto is the best place. It is a well flourished and stylish city. It is the biggest and most liveable city in Canada. Toronto is also known as a multicultural city. It is a combination of different cultures, foods, and languages. According to Google research, Toronto comes in the top ten cities of the World’s Most Economically Powerful Cities. According to the number, it is the 5th biggest city in North America.



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