Living in Toronto

Toronto is the most livable and safe city in Canada. It is a very beautiful and loveable city. Life in Toronto is very happy and enjoyable.  Toronto is one of the biggest and most attractive cities in Canada. The population of Toronto is near about 3 million which is quite stable. If you are thinking of moving to Toronto then there are so many questions that must be arisen in your mind. Like life in Toronto, Is it expensive? Are jobs available or not? shopping cost, and many more. After reading this article you will get the answers to all the questions.


Before moving anywhere, it is very important to know about the climate of the city. In Toronto, the climate is normal as compared to the other cities in Canada. In the winter season, the temperature can drop near about -20 Celsius.  In the summer season, Toronto becomes quite humid. Otherwise, it is a very environment-friendly city. It totally depends on you how you adjust in the different seasons and take care of yourself.

Living Cost

It is a very famous and highest populated city in Canada. It is a downtown city, that’s why it is expensive as compared to the other cities in Canada. The rent of the house is high as compared to the other cities in Canada. The other expenses like phone bills, electricity bills, transports, glossaries, and many more things are expensive. If you are able to afford the expensive city then it is a very lovable and attractive city as compared to the other cities in Canada. 


There is no need for private transport in Toronto. You can travel each and every section of Toronto city by using Public Transports. There are two lines are available – the First line goes in north/south and the Second line goes in east/west. In Toronto, it is very easy to travel from one place to another place. Public transports are safe and secure for people.

These are the important points you should understand before moving to Toronto. I hope this article helps you in taking the right decision. If you want to know more about life in Toronto then please comment on the comment section. We will love to bring more information to you!!!


Post Author: Kylie