Toronto Attractions

Toronto is an attractive and largest city in Canada. There are different places in Toronto that attract tourists. The most beautiful places such as Niagara Falls, Museums, Waterfalls, Mountain Hills, CN Tower, and many more places. If you go to Toronto then you must visit these places. Toronto is the city that is well known for its multicultural and attractive spots. It is a loveable city in Canada.

Here are some places that attract tourists most:

CN Tower

It is one of the largest towers in the World. The name of CN towers originated from the word “Canadian National”. It was launched in 1976. It is the most attractive place in Toronto. It is impossible to miss this place. Each and every tourist should visit this place and see the beauty of the Tower. Don’t miss this place while visiting Toronto.  Enjoy the tour of Toronto.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is one of the topmost attractions in Toronto. It is situated near the base of the CN Tower. It looks and feels like you are in the ocean. You will see different types of fishes, snails, and many more animals. The beautiful jellyfish attracts most of the tourists. It is a very famous and beautiful place in Toronto. If you love animals then this place is definitely for you!!!

Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is well known place for its construction and architecture. The outside construction and innovative design attract the tourist most. It is a very beautiful and center of attraction for tourists. It is best known for the retractable roof. In earlier times, it is known as SkyDome. But on 2 Feb 2005, it was renamed as Rogers Centre.

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is a very popular and irresistible place in Toronto. It contains near about 5000 animals. The zoo has been divided into different parts. If you have kids with you then you must show them this Zoo in Toronto. There are different animals like Lion, Tiger, Giraffes, and many more. It attracts tourists most. Those people who love animals then they should definitely go to this zoo and spend some time with animals.

These are the list of my favorite places in Toronto. I mentioned very few places here but there are tremendous amount of attractive places present in Toronto. If you know other attractions in Toronto then share your experience in Comment.






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