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As we know, Toronto is also known as a multicultural City. It is the biggest and liveable city in Canada. When you heard the word Museum the first place comes in your mind that is Toronto city. As we all know, Toronto is also famous for its Museums. Museums always indicate the History of that place or history of the things. In short, museums define the journey of the place from History to the present time. If you are planning for the holidays in Toronto then you should definitely visit the Museums as per your choice or as per your interest. There are different museums situated in Toronto such as Art Museum, Shoe Museum, and many more. If you are searching for the best museums in Toronto some of them are given below. I hope this article will help you with choosing the best Museums as per your interest.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum in Toronto city. It is also the biggest and famous museum in Canada. Your journey in Toronto is incomplete without visiting this Museum. If are looking for the best and famous museum then you should definitely go to this Museum. The architecture of this museum is very attractive and unique. The internal structure or design of the Museum is very beautiful. As we all know, in the past time the world is famous for the dinosaurs. The museum contains the historic collections of dinosaurs, important minerals, and meteorites.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The name of the Museum defines the specialty of this Museum. The museum is full of arts and innovations. It describes the past time and the present time of the art. The museum contains a huge amount of Historic paintings. It contains about 90000 works of art. It is one of the biggest art museums in the world. Those people who love the painting and queries to know about art then this is the best place for you!!!

Bata Shoe Museum

It is a very unique museum. It is a home of footwear. It is situated just beside the Royal Ontario Museum. It contains the largest collection of slippers to shoes. It is the center of promoting the knowledge of footwear and its productions. The museums tell the history of footwear. The museum contains the historic collections of different footwear.

These are the top museums in Toronto. If you are a person who loves museums a lot then you should visit these museums for sure. If you are interested then choose one of these as per your choice and enjoy your holiday and share your experience. 



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